Chef Peterson believes that every piece of sushi should be an experience for the senses.

His birthplace in Sao Paulo, Brazil is home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan – an intriguing fact that is a key ingredient in his journey to become the chef behind one of

Melbourne’s deliciously unexpected dining experiences, ŌSHAN.

The art of sushi making is a skill that Chef Peterson has built on a foundation of meticulous training that began under the watchful eye of a leading Japanese chef in his Sao Paulo home.

From there, Chef Peterson continued his culinary education, guided by sushi makers and food artisans in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, and Milan, where he cultivated his craft in some of the world’s finest restaurants, including Nobu, Ushaïa Hotel Ibiza, and 300 Cosmo Jurere.

Chef Peterson was taught to approach sushi making with the reverence of a meditation – beginning with the careful washing of the rice. Then, the precision of exceptional knife skills combine with the creative respect he holds for every ingredient he explores.

Chef Peterson’s focus is to bring and enhance fresh, unique tastes and textures to sushi making. The result – plated with a genuine flair for creating a surprising balance of secret marinades and sauces – is sushi unlike anything Melbourne diners have experienced before. The obvious appreciation of time-honoured traditional Japanese techniques, coupled with inventive twists, creates a fabulous contemporary sushi fusion dining experience that also reflects his proud Brazilian heritage and Mediterranean training.

Experiencing his signature sushi jyos – a celebration of traditional Japanese and vibrant Brazilian flavours – is the perfect embodiment of his passion, individual creativity, heritage, and playful adventures within the art of sushi making.

Chef Peterson’s unwavering respect for time, attention to detail and patience inform everything he does and this calm approach to creating one of Melbourne’s most memorable and friendly fine dining experiences is a true reflection of the man at the heart of ŌSHAN.

Each dish he plates must appeal to all the senses, with offerings that are as beautiful to look at as they are to savour.

In his time away from the ŌSHAN kitchen, Chef Peterson has a deep love of surfing, swimming, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – pursuits of physical strength and endurance that seem fascinatingly incongruent to his ability to handle dishes with such complex delicacy.

Everything about ŌSHAN is designed to surprise.

Chef Peterson understands the tantalising thrill of spontaneity – something that the Omakase menu at ŌSHAN celebrates.

For our ŌSHAN visitors, sampling Chef’s personal selection of meaningful mouthfuls is about trust.

Omakase at ŌSHAN inspires discovery – both in the kitchen and the dining room.

Creating dishes on the spur of the moment for those diners willing to try something new and unanticipated demands skill and experience – and for Chef Peterson, it is his nirvana.

ŌSHAN is contemporary sushi created with genuine love – and the thrill of an inventive menu.

Discover the difference of a friendly fine dining experience, with flavours you won’t forget.

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