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Ōshan Contemporary Sushi


Slow down.

It’s ŌSHAN time.

Contemporary sushi fusion steeped in Japanese tradition and infused with Brazilian inspiration.

Connection. Conversation. An unpretentious fine dining in a stunning setting.

As sushi artisans, we have created a stunning space, where seasonal, sustainable ingredients are sacred, and simplicity is key.

Ordinary sushi simply isn’t on the menu.

At ŌSHAN, expect the unexpected.

What is consistent is our collective vision – to create an exceptional culinary experience.

Omakase at ŌSHAN is that experience, with truly personalised service, in the gorgeous surrounds

of an intimate dining environment.

Chef Peterson and Vanessa take you on a journey of delicious discovery, inspired by the

blend of his Brazilian heritage, his years of training in masterful Japanese sushi-making tradition,

and the inspiration of the fresh, local produce surrounding our Melbourne home.

ŌSHAN caters to open minds, and invites you to explore fresh flavours, textures and techniques

that work together to create a surprising balance.

At ŌSHAN, each omakase course is meaningful – and memorable.

Each paired sakè selection is carefully curated and chosen with purpose to become a 

beguiling companion to every mouthful of your meal.

And with cocktails and an impressive collection of organic and biodynamic wines – including wines from notable

Australian and international wineries – settling in to ŌSHAN makes your meal even more enjoyable.

Reservations are not limited to a two hour sitting, in fact owners Vanessa Foderà and Chef Peterson encourage you to take your time and enjoy the entire experience.

Our 15-seat space is designed for conversation – a place to eat, drink, laugh, love, share stories, create memories,

and listen as we explain our unique dishes with attentive, truly personalised service.

Think relaxed fine dining with heart – where the line between home and hospitality is blurred,

so you can enjoy the special occasion feeling of indulgence in an atmosphere of welcoming warmth.


We can’t wait to see you…

Lunch & Dinner Omakase


Linger. Savour. Experience the difference that friendly fine dining makes.

Surprise yourself with our omakase experience and your choice of a four-course, six-course, 

eight-course or 10-course selection from our chef.

Chef Peterson designs dishes for pure pleasure, they are made with only the finest, freshest 

seasonal produce.  Because of that, our menu offerings and pricing vary.

Current Omakase Menus:

  • 4 Course Omakase Lunch Menu: $85 (Lunch Only)

  • 6 Course Omakase Tasting Menu: $155

  • 8 Course Signature Omakase Menu: $195

  • 10 Course Deluxe Omakase Menu: $245

As per the omakase experience, there may be variations to this menu

based on the Chef’s inspiration, seasonal availability, and selection of ingredients

Available for lunch only


Let us introduce you to an experience that is uniquely ŌSHAN.

Chef Peterson has prepared a beautiful and delicious selection of lunch options, available for a lunch only. Whilst our lunch omakase is perfect for a lighter lunch, the chef’s á la carte menu is a perfect alternative for guests who have limited time but would like to enjoy a fine dining experience in a relaxed, beautiful environment – it is also a perfect introduction to the unique Brazilian Japanese fusion of flavours and techniques, prepared by Chef Peterson. Our á la carte menu changes regularly and is perfectly paired with a carefully curated selection of wines, cocktails and saké.

Visit Oshan


2/60 Toorak Road, South Yarra, VIC 3141

(03) 9866 4493

Opening Hours:

Mon – Tue: Closed
Wed: 5pm – 10pm
Thu: 5pm – 10pm
Fri:  5pm – 10pm
Sat: 5pm – 10pm
Fri & Sun: Open for Private Dining & Pre-ordered
Sushi Boxes & Platters Only

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    Wed: 6pm - 11pm

    Thu: 12pm - 3pm | 6pm - 11pm

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    Sat: 6pm - 11pm

    Sun: 12pm - 4pm