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Private Dining & Events

Not your typical sushi


Event catering.

Special occasion catering.

Corporate catering.

Or catering just because…

ŌSHAN contemporary sushi is catering with a twist – for a memorable creative dining experience, wherever you are.


Visitors to our gorgeous ŌSHAN venue know that we won’t rush you through your dining experience.

We know that savouring food made with fresh, seasonal produce, artisanal skill, and genuine passion, is a pleasure that is extremely personal.

But we also know that, sometimes, food needs to be flexible.

Our pre-ordered ŌSHAN sushi options include sushi boxes that Chef Petersen times and prepares to make immediately prior to your agreed pick-up – so you enjoy the freshest possible flavours, made with the same love and care that we share with all our dine-in guests.

Chef Peterson’s sushi boxes and platters are much more elaborate with a unique, flavour fusion experience in every box. 

We bring the restaurant to you


Chef Peterson’s sushi boxes and platters are much more elaborate with a unique, flavour fusion experience in every box. 
20 piece Sushi Box

Sashimi, nigiri and the chef’s signature sushi jyos

40 Piece Signature Omakase Sushi Box

Sashimi, nigiri, signature sushi jyos, uramaki, hosomaki, and hot rolls

12 Piece Signature Sushi Jyos

Omakase Signature Sushi Jyos - the chef’s selection

8 piece Sashimi Tiradito

Cured Ora King Salmon and Hiramasa Kingfish with a yuzu dressing

Memorable Dining Experiences For Every Event


Whether you’re catering for a special occasion picnic, a wedding, corporate function, anniversary, birthday – or any special event with people who appreciate the difference that beautiful food makes – ŌSHAN catering makes your event memorable, mouth-watering…and so easy.


– Contact us for more information and pricing to suit your unique event needs.

– Our bespoke approach to catering creates surprising flavours that add a contemporary twist to your special event.

– Pre-order required.

– Premium catering platters and sushi boxes for corporate lunches and private events.

– Serving ware can be provided on request.


Collecting your catering order

Limited pre-ordering is available for pick-up outside of our dining hours.

  • Lunch order pick-up: 11.45am.
  • Dinner order pick-up: 5.30pm.


Place order via email or over the phone directly.


Phone: 9866 4493

Call or email to place an order


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